The Verdict

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Welcome to The Verdict!

The Verdict is the media ministry featuring the Bible teaching of Pastor John Munro. Each day, you’re invited to open your Bible during our daily 25-minute broadcast/podcast. Whether you are new to the Bible or a longtime follower of Jesus Christ, John offers clear, insightful teaching that will challenge you for a personal response: “What’s your verdict?”

In addition to our daily program, John has a weekly podcast called Avizandum. Avizandum is a term from Scottish law that refers to the careful consideration given by a judge before he/she makes a decision. Each Tuesday, John shares personal thoughts and Biblical discussion so you can take matters avizandum!

Meet Pastor John Munro

John is Senior Pastor at Calvary Church in Charlotte North Carolina. and has served in pastoral ministry for more than 30 years. His passion is to glorify God through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God and shepherd souls.

A graduate of Edinburgh University, John formerly practiced law in Scotland. When God called John to full-time pastoral ministry, he and his wife, Gudny, moved to Texas to attend Dallas Theological Seminary, where he graduated with Master of Theology and Doctor of Ministry degrees

Calvary Church: Home of The Verdict

Calvary Church in Charlotte, NC is home to The Verdict. Calvary is an evangelical, non-denominational church focused on being and making authentic followers of Jesus Christ. Visit